RC Cars 3 Turbo Racer Lightning McQueen
Simba 203084003

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The Dickie Toys Turbo Racer, Lightning McQueen, lives up to his name!

At last, something new from Radiator Springs: Cars 3 has arrived at the cinema and the most admired sportster of the film series conquers the racing circuits in the playroom as Turbo Racer Lightning McQueen from Dickie Toys. The 2-channel RC toy car (2.4 GHz) with a range of up to 20 metres has mastery of almost as many tricks as the original in the film: It can move forwards and backwards, to the left and to the right, and has a rapid turbo function. Once the additionally required batteries are inserted, kids can immediately experience why McQueen rightly bears the name Lightning.
Manufacturer: Simba
Recommended min. age:3 years
Altersfreigabe3 years
Manufacturer price:34,99 €

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