ADVANCED Funny Machines - Chain Reaction
Fischertechnik 551588

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ADVANCED Funny Machines - Chain Reaction
Funny Chain Reactions for Young Designers

Top Facts:
- 3 Models
- 360 Components
- from 7 years

A small push brings action to the nursery.With the new kit Seven-year-olds build their own chain reaction model, in which a fischertechnik chicane triggers another reaction. As soon as the weight falls on the plate, the ball rolls along a course, bumps against the fischertechnik building blocks triggers a domino effect and in turn causes a catapult to spin ... these and other reactions bring action to the nursery. Using the construction manual, three different chain reaction models can be built , There are no limits for your creativity. The young inventors can create their own harassment and also non-fischertechnik parts such. e.g. Integrate dominoes and Co. into the course. A fun, colorful beginner's set for young designers. The fischertechnik website offers further stimulating chain reaction videos that support children in their creativity.

- Seibahn
- Chain reaction by weight
- Triggering of vehicles

Awards: The Golden Rocking Horse 2019 - Category Winner "Game and Technology
Manufacturer: Fischertechnik
Manufacturer price:69,95 €

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